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Oct 28, 2016

This week we're talking about toxic 'ships: two people who totally SHOULDN'T be together, but we can't help but 'ship them, despite the evidence that says otherwise. What makes toxic 'ships so fun to watch? Are there supporters for even the most toxic 'ships? We talk about that and more in Episode 66! Don't forget to share your thoughts! Find us on social media @shippingroompod and keep the conversation going! We can't wait to hear from you!

Oct 21, 2016


In Episode 65, we are joined by Tell Tale TV's Ashley Bissette Sumerel to chat about the Gilmore Girls Revival; who should Rory end up with? Will Lorelai and Luke get married? Are Paris and Doyle still just as amazing? We make our predictions and get into everything that we hope to see when the Gilmore Girls hit Netflix with new episodes on November 25!

Oct 14, 2016

Back in Episode 10, we talked about some of our favorite BroTPs, those platonic 'ships that are much less about romance and much more about keepin' it friendly. Over the last year, we've discovered that we love SO many BroTPs that we just had to give this topic a Part 2! Don't forget to share your favorites with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or! 

Oct 7, 2016

This week we're talking about the 'ships that we fell in love with...and then later actively stopped 'shipping! What happens when you love a 'ship, but begin to hate one of the characters? What about those 'ships who never get a happy ending because something better comes along? Or those 'ships that go into an endless cycle of the same 'ol, same ol' until you just lose interest? We're tackling all of those and more in this episode!

Sep 30, 2016

This week we're catching up with current events! Fall TV is here and we couldn't be more excited! We talk our the new show we're most interested in tuning into as well as the returning shows (and 'ships!) we can't wait to see again. What (and who!) are you most looking forward to?? 

Sep 23, 2016

This week we're joined by Christina Ciammaichelli, Content Coordinator for Entertainment Weekly, to talk about those first magical moments that made us start 'shipping some of our favorite couples, and also how incredible it is that so many 'shippers have different triggers. What made you start 'shipping Josh and Donna? How early did you realize Pacey and Joey were 'true love' on the creek? Do pilots intentionally start painting love stories immediately? We talk about all of that and more!

Sep 22, 2016

In this bonus episode of The Shipping Room, Tamar and Christine chat with Hart of Dixie creator Leila Gerstein about her take on romances in Bluebell, Alabama! Was Zade always endgame? How did George end up with AB? What IS Zoe and Wade's son's name? We tackle all of that and more!

Sep 16, 2016

This week, we're visiting Blue Bell, Alabama! Join us in the Shipping Room as we dissect the relationships of Zoe Hart and the rest of the crew on Hart of Dixie. Were you a fan of Lavon and Lemon or did you prefer him with Annabeth? Was Wade really Zoe's soulmate or should she have wound up with George? Do you love Tom and Wanda as much as we do? Listen now and share your thoughts with us on twitter or via email

Sep 9, 2016

In episode 35 we talked about our favorite TV weddings. This week, we're remembering the best moments leading up to those weddings with our favorite TV proposals. We discuss the funniest, the sweetest, and the most over-the-top. What are some of your favorites?? Be sure to share them with us on twitter or email us your thoughts at (NOTE: Audio gets a little wonky toward the end. Bear with us!)

Sep 2, 2016

Tamar is back this week, and we are so excited to welcome Lissete Lanuza to talk with us about 'shipping on Once Upon a Time. Are you a fan of Captain Swan or does Swan Queen rule your world? Did you love Neal? Will True Love win for Rumbelle? Does Jennifer Morrison have chemistry with everyone? We get into all of that and more this week!

Aug 26, 2016

Tamar is off this week, and Christine is joined by her husband, animator and cartoon enthusiast, Matt Laskodi, to talk about their favorite animated couples. Were we conditioned to believe in "happily ever after" from childhood based on the love stories of our Saturday morning friends? We break down that theory and more as we talk about 'ships from The Flinstones to The Simpsons to Adventure Time and everything in between!

Aug 19, 2016

This week we're looking at May/December romances, or love stories between two people who are many years apart in age. We look at our favorites and discuss the merits of them all. What can we learn from these relationships? Why do they work? Why don't they? We get the conversation started and hope you'll join us and continue it! Find us on Twitter or email us!! 

Aug 12, 2016

Using a very loose definition of the term 'crack ship,' we look at unlikely pairings within one show and across different shows that we like to fantasize about! Much of this discussion is fueled by our audience and we'd love to see the conversation continue on social media. Which characters would make a great starting point for a compelling fan fiction? What is your dream crossover ship? Share with us on twitter or send us an email!

Aug 5, 2016

We're so excited to have Aaron & Andy of The Gossip Guys Podcast back with us to chat all things Dawson's Creek. We rewatched some classic episodes to prepare ourselves and then dove head first in Capeside. Dawson vs Pacey, Jack's groundbreaking storyline, Joey singing On My Own - we tackle it all. Be sure to share all your thoughts with us on twitter or email us at

Jul 29, 2016

This week we're joined by therapist and author, Kathleen Smith, whose book The Fangirl Life is now available. We unpack the book and look at how fangirled can lead their most constructive life while also enjoying all there is to enjoy from our favorite shows and ships. We also find time to chat about the Looking movie, new Gilmore news, and updates from San Diego Comic Con! 

Jul 22, 2016

This week we welcome Carina Mackenzie, executive story editor on The CW's The Originals, to chat about the toxic nature of shipping on the Internet. We look at the beauty of fandom and all the good that's come from having an online community to feel our feelings with -- and then discuss the dark side that's come along with it. We'd love to hear you weigh in! Be sure to find us on twitter or send us an email at

Jul 15, 2016

This is a very exciting week as we celebrate one year of the Shipping Room! In honor of this momentous occasion, we are doing another listener mailbag! We answer questions, play some middle school games, and give out 'ship superlatives. Also, to mark this milestone we've got some super fun news to mark to share! As always, be sure to find us on twitter or on our website to share your thoughts about all topics discussed! 

Jul 8, 2016

We've always made a distinction on our show between the aspirational, angsty, will-they-won't-they 'ships and the stable, successful "relationship goals" 'ships. This week we're celebrating the couples we deem to be #relationshipgoals (and reject some suggestions from the internet). Who are some of your faves? Be sure to let us know! Find us on twitter, leave a comment on our website, or send us an email

Jul 1, 2016

We started our Aaron Sorkin coverage a few weeks ago talking about The West Wing with the ladies of the Wingin' It West Wing Podcast. This week, we welcome Kevin Porter of The Gilmore Guys to look at the rest of Aaron Sorkin's TV legacy, namely Sports Night and The Newsroom. How did you feel about Dana and Casey? Jeremy and Natalie? Don and Sloan? We discuss! Be sure to share your thoughts with us @shippingroompod on twitter or email us at

Jun 24, 2016

Affairs and cheating bring up a lot of confusing feelings for people - especially when we enjoy watching it happen. This week we look at some of our favorite ships that started as affairs and discuss the moral implications of watching them unfold on TV. What do you think? Be sure to share on twitter or the comments section of the website. 

Jun 17, 2016

Sometimes you can see a ship coming from a mile away, but other times a couple seems to come out of nowhere and yet, it works perfectly. This week we discuss some our favorite surprise ships and why they worked so well. Who are some of your favorites? Be sure to share with us on twitter, facebook, or at

Jun 10, 2016

Hey all! Just a quick check in to let you know how things are going at the festival. We've attended some incredible panels and are getting ready for the Friday Night Lights tailgate tonight! Be sure to follow us on twitter and periscope as we're going to be broadcasting live from the tailgate tonight. Let us know if there are any specific things you want us to try and find out while we're here. Can't wait to share more!! 

Jun 8, 2016

Listen to our first mini episode of ATX TV Festival weekend for a quick and exciting announcement from Tamar! 

Jun 3, 2016

When a ship sinks, whether due to a break up, or a death, or any other reason, it often feels like it will be impossible to ever ship the characters with anybody else. And yet, as we discuss this week, so often we are able to recover and continue to enjoy these characters in romantic relationships later on. What are some of your favorite examples of this? Be sure to let us know! Find us on (twitter) or email us at

May 27, 2016

This week we're taking a break from television to discuss the relationships that captivating us in literature. We dive way back to our early years and contemplate which tropes and ideas have stuck with us and influenced the ships we love on TV today. Plus we talk about the more recent books we've read and loved and share some of our listeners favorites as well. Don't forget, it's never too late to join the conversation. Find us on twitter (@shippingroompod) and share your thoughts! 

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