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Mar 6, 2018

This week we're talking about the genius that is Mike Schur and the complex relationships he's created on some of our favorite shows. 

We were more than excited to take a long look at The Good Place, but soon realized we were running long, so expect this to be the first of a two-part conversation as Tamar works on finishing Parks and Recreation!

We also discuss out first thoughts on Good Girls, how wonderful Everything Sucks is, and how The Resident just aired its best episode so far!

Don't forget to find us on social media @shippingroompod and join in on the conversation! 



Feb 16, 2018

We're back with another brand new episode of The Shipping Room! This week we're celebrating VDay by talking about VD :) More specifically we're diving into the delightfully charming world of Lovesick (formerly known as Scrotal Recall). We break down our thoughts about Evie and Dylan, which relationships work best, and all our hopes and dreams for Luke and Angus. Be sure to find us on twitter to share your thoughts or send us an email!! Can't wait to hear what you think. 

Feb 2, 2018

...and we're back! 

We cannot express enough gratitude to our awesome listeners who've been so patient while we were away. (Mazel Tov to Tamar on the birth of her ADORABLE baby girl!)

We missed you all so much, and we are incredibly excited to be back and chatting with you all again!

After a hiatus that last entirely too long, we're discussing everything we've been watching during our break.

We're chatting about Atypical, Mrs. Maisel, Black Lightning, Superstore, Alone Together, My Mad Fat Diary, and more!

As always, please come chat with us on social media @shippingroompod! We've missed chatting. It's truly the best part of what we do. 


Nov 20, 2017

This week we're catching up!

Tamar and Christine have a chat about #Gallavich and Mickey's departure from Shameless. 

They also gush about The Good Place and share which actors deserve some awards recognition for stellar performances. 

A heavy discussion takes place about whether or not Rebecca can come back to the good graces of fans' of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's hearts.

Tamar and Christine are also discussing the state of Hollywood and how the sexual harassment claims are being handled, what it means for the future of Hollywood, and how we view shows we loved knowing what we know now. 

We also give an update on the future of the Shipping Room!

WARNING: Some topics that we discuss are sensitive, and we understand that they aren't always easy to tackle. We apologize in advance if we offend anyone, as it's never our intention to do so. Always know that you can find us @shippingroompod on social media, and that we'd love to clarify our opinions and have a meaningful dialogue with you. Our favorite part of this show is learning from our listeners and appreciating opinions that differ from our own.


Oct 30, 2017

This week we're taking a small break from "ships" to chat about our favorite squads! Thanks to listener Gabbi for sending us her top ten squads and inspiring this episode! 

What makes a good squad? Which shows featured the most "goal-worthy" crews? We look at some of our favs, from Friends to Grey's Anatomy to Riverdale. Who are some of yours?? Be sure to find us on twitter @shippingroompod to continue the discussion. 

Oct 16, 2017

This week, we're talking about reunions! (And we're having our own reunion as well!)

Listener Andrea sent in this idea, and we were shocked to discover that we hadn't done an episode about our favorite reunions yet! (Thanks Andrea!)

Which reunions gave us happy feelings? Which ones kept us on the edge of our seats? Which ones took far too long to happen? And why do we love the cheesy reunions so much, and the ones that are so easy to predict?

Christine's also giving a Shameless update, and we talk about what we've enjoyed so far from the new TV season!

Don't forget to find us on social media @shippingroompod and share your thoughts with us! We can't wait to continue this conversation!


Sep 22, 2017

Tamar and Christine haven't spoken in 2 weeks, and there's so much to catch up on! 

Join them as they catch up and share their thoughts on the summer finales of Younger, The Bold Type, and Suits!

Christine's also updating everyone on her Shameless binge, and sharing her thoughts on the show so far. 

Don't forget to find us on social media @shippingroompod and tell us what you thought of summer's most talked about finales!

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Sep 15, 2017

After Tamar's Alias binge we were FINALLY ready to talk about some of the show's most wonderful and complex relationships. We could think of no better guest that listener favorite, Buzzfeed's Jarett Wieselman! 

We're talking Sydney and Vaughn, the entire Bristow family, where the show was at its best, and sadly, where it fell short, and of course, MUCH, MUCH more!

Don't forget to find us on social media @shippingroompod to share your thoughts and you can find Jarett on Twitter @JarettSays! Keep the Alias conversation going!

Aug 28, 2017

This week Tamar and Christine attempt to remember the details of the beloved CW/UPN show, Veronica Mars. 

Obviously Logan and Veronica are amazing - but what about the other 'ships on Veronica Mars? Did Veronica and Piz drive you crazy? We you just as shocked as everyone else that Logan could ever care about anyone who wasn't Veronica? Was Leo given a fair shot at love with Veronica? Are Keith and Veronica the best father/daughter duo on TV?

We're talking about all of that and more this week and more! 

Tamar also gives us her Alias update and we discuss whether or not we're excited about the new fall TV season.

Don't forget to find us @shippingroompod on social media. We can't wait for you to fill in our Veronica Mars gaps!

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Aug 21, 2017

This week Tamar and Christine are getting in the time machine and talking about what watching television was like 20 years ago - before social media (gasp!). 

We talk about how the addition of social media has changed the way we watch TV - and how it's affected the 'ships we know and love today. We also consider what shows may have had success if social media has been a factor.

What's the first show that made us head to Tumblr to look at endless GIFs? What's our earliest memory of 'shipping? How soon will Tamar finish Alias? We're talking about  all of that and more!

Find us on social media @shippingroompod and share your thoughts. We're waiting to hear from you! 

This episode of The Shipping Room is sponsored by Winc and Loot Crate. 

Aug 14, 2017

This week we're looking back at some more music moments that made television excellent. 

Back in Episode 34, we focused on music moments that were 'ship-specific. This time around, we're just looking at moments where music made a scene just a little more perfect. (And of course, there are some mentions of 'ship scenes!)

Due to such an OVERWHELMING response from our listeners, we aren't able to include everyone's thoughts and scenes in this episode. HOWEVER - we will put out a Spotify playlist with as many as we can. Also, refer back to the original thread on Twitter. Many listeners included YouTube links to their favorites!

Tamar also gives us an Alias binge update!

Find us on social media @shippingroompod to keep the conversation going! 

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Aug 4, 2017

This week Tamar & Christine are looking back at their Top 10 lists which they each read back in Episode 1, and deciding if 99 episodes later they still end up in those coveted spots.

Which 'ships stand the test of time? How has this podcast changed what they appreciate in 'shipping? Is Tamar still 'shipping Ian and Mickey? Does Christine still love Ben & Leslie? Find out this week on The Shipping Room!

As always, the conversation never stops here. Find us on social media @shippingroompod to continue the conversation!

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Jul 21, 2017

This week Tamar and a slightly-laryngitis"ish" Christine are reading the superlatives listeners shared about the 2016-2017 TV season! 

Who had the most heartbreaking exit? What moment did you rewind over and over?What 'ship had a moment right out of fan-fiction? Which music moments hit the right notes with us? Why do we all love Nathaniel on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend so much? 

We're sharing your thoughts on these categories and more!

As always, share your thoughts with us @shippingroompod on social media!

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Jul 14, 2017

Join Tamar and Christine for a new episode loaded with questions from YOU, our amazing listeners! 

What's currently on our "to-watch" list? What ending would we change for a 'ship? What TV set would we love to visit? What 'ship has great chemistry, but we still just can't get behind them? We're answering those questions and more!

Don't forget to find us on social media @ShippingRoomPod and share your own answers with us!

Jul 12, 2017

This year at ATX Festival in Austin, Tamar had the opportunity to participate in a round table discussion with Suits star Patrick J. Adams. The group of interviewers had the opportunity to talk with Patrick about his experiences directing the show, moments that have stood out over the years, and what to expect in the upcoming season (tonight on USA!). We look forward to chatting about Suits on The Shipping Room as the new season unfolds. Be sure to share all your thoughts about this roundtable and any other topics with us on social media @shippingroompod or via email at

**Season 7 of Suits premieres Wednesday, July 12th at 10pE on USA Network**

Jun 30, 2017

This week we welcome Bryna Kramer, contributor and editor at Talk Nerdy With Us, to talk Younger! In honor of the show's season 4 premiere we take a deep dive into the Josh/Liza/Charles triangle and explore some of the show's most complex relationships. We also take a stab at predictions for season 4. What are yours? What do you hope to see? Be sure to find us on twitter @shippingroompod and share all your thoughts! 

Jun 24, 2017

We're talking about the 'ships we love on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon! 

Are streaming 'ships just too complicated to have thoughts about? Does the absence of network pressure allow these stories to be told better? Could Maura and Shelley's story be told anywhere else? Would Hannah and Clay have a shot on any other platform? We're talking about that and more this week!

As always, don't forget that the conversation doesn't end here. Find us on social media @shippingroompod and share your thoughts! 

Jun 16, 2017

Fresh off of their binge-watches, Tamar and Christine are diving into the complex and lovely (and sometimes confusing) relationships on Suits, which returns for its 7th season on Wednesday, July 12. 

We're talking about our love for Louis Litt, why Mike & Rachel work, our confusion over Jessica, and something else...hmmm... what are we forgetting? 

Ah, yes. DARVEY.

Don't forget to find us @shippingroompod on social media and continue this conversation. There's SO much to talk about when it comes to Suits!



Jun 12, 2017

While at ATX TV Festival in Austin over the weekend, Tamar sat down with Carina MacKenzie, writer on The CW's The Originals to record a special episode of The Shipping Room. We chat about the most recent episode of The Originals and take a look at toxic ships on television in general (especially those teacher/student ones!). We also wade ever-so-slightly into polticis and share some highlights from the festival! 

Jun 5, 2017

This week we're talking about the plethora of diverse 'ships on ABC Family and Freeform!

We're going to the archives to talk about shows like Beautiful People, Kyle XY, Jane By Design, and Secret Life of the American Teenager. We also examine The Fosters, a lil' Pretty Little Liars, and getting deep into Switched At Birth....and more!

Don't forget to find us on social media @shippingroompod to share your thoughts! And follow us on Snapchat @shippingroompod to follow Tamar at ATX this week. She's posting live updates of her trip!

May 26, 2017

Tamar and Christine are talking about what happened to some notable 'ships when "real life" got in the way - everything from an actor deciding to move on from the series to what happens when real life couples became exes, causing an on-screen breakup.

Television works because we allow ourselves to become immersed in the world. Do writers owe us an explanation within that world, or are short and sweet farewells good enough? How much do actors owe fans when deciding to move on? We're talking about these things and more!

Keep the conversation going! Find us on social media @shippingroompod and let us know what you think!

May 19, 2017

This week Tamar and Christine are joined by Sipping Sisters Podcast hosts, Jacki, Janelle, and Rachel to discuss all of the 'shipping goodness that The CW has to offer!

Tamar also gives us an update on her Suits binge, Christine shares her thoughts about the Roseanne revival, and we all talk about that trailer for The Resident. 

Why does The CW seem to GET IT when it comes to 'shipping? What makes Olicity so damn appealing? What made Janelle stop watching Riverdale? Will Klaus and Caroline EVER get some closure? We're talking about all of that and more!

Don't forget to share your thoughts! Find us on social media @ShippingRoomPod and @3SippingSisters!

May 5, 2017

We all remember the moments when our favorite 'ships first meet. Sometimes it's an awesome flashback that gives us goosebumps (Donna & Harvey!), sometimes it's just a great meeting that leaves us wanting more (Josh & Liza!), and other times end with someone playing dixie with their butt! (Zoe & Wade!) 

This week is devoted to those awesome first meetings - the moments when our favorites couples first connect. Did they have that spark from the beginning? And what about the 'ships we love that met before we met them? How do they fit into all of this discussion? We're talking all of that and more!

Be sure to find us on social media @shippingroompod and share your thoughts as you listen! We can't wait to hear from you!

Apr 28, 2017


Because of the massive media impact of 13 Reasons Why, we decided that it was important to have a discussion about the series. 

Fair warning: we don't stick to "shipping." The complex relationship between Clay and Hannah is, of course, a topic of discussion - but there are many other important conversation starters on 13 Reasons Why. As you'll hear, we think it's incredibly important to have those talks with your teenagers, friends, co-workers, etc. 

We hope you'll find us on social media @shippingroompod after you listen and continue this chat! You can reach out to us individually @writertqb and @ChrissyMarie47. Let's talk.


Apr 21, 2017

We're back from hiatus and talking about the 'ships that we totally loved...despite knowing that they totally weren't endgame. 

This episode idea came from us from listener Shelby, and sparked a lot of discussion about how fun it is to 'ship a couple briefly, knowing that the longevity of the 'ship probably isn't there. 

Is it fun to root for a couple for a quick fling? How are the exits of quick hookups handled? Is there room for 'shipping both 'ships in a fandom? Is there anyone we didn't 'ship Pacey Witter with? We're talking about that and more this week!

Don't forget to find us on social media @shippingroompod and share your thoughts! We can't wait to chat!

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